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Traditional family values television

Presented by Cineplex Studios

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Starring Diane Linder and Neil Miller, 'Teacher In Love'. This is Cineplex Studios first traditional television values programming about a famous ballet dance instructor who has always made her career number one, until the day one of her students pairs up with the man of her dreams.  Cineplex Studios and Treasured Moments, bringing humanity back to television.  

There are a number of Treasured Moments shows lined up for the foreseeable future and the leadership of Cineplex Studios believes that there is a real void to fill with traditional family values television programming.

Treasured Moments

Shows with traditional family values

Teacher in Love!

Diane Linder starring in 'Teacher In Love!'

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Hosted by Sara Galviano

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Cineplex Studios is one very unique company where the actors have the option of being a part of the decision making team.  This is a place where actors actually have a say so in how the shows are developed and produced.

Everyone has a voice on the production and Cineplex Studios policy is to make sure that any actor who wants to do and learn more, has the opportunity to do so.

Cineplex Studios Gives Power To The Actors

Shows of the Season

Treasured Moments

The first short feature 'Teacher In Love' will center around the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.


More Shows Coming Next Year



Is the new face of the Treasured Moments film series as she will be hosting all of the upcoming previews and behind the scenes.

Sara will also be starring in an upcoming short feature in 2020 as well.  

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