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Kaila Jordan is "All in"!

The new Journey clone adventure is coming soon with Kaila Jordan as the leading actress playing Journey, The First One.

Addressing Diversity and Social Issues

Taking the sci-fi series in a brand new direction

Kaila Jordan brings a fresh new direction for the sci-fi series  by addressing diversity and social issues through the story telling process of sci-fi much like the way the original Star Trek series did back in the late 60's.  Many social issues plan to be incorporated into the new season of Journey, starting with the clones themselves as they will have very strong feelings about things like the environment and other popular social issues facing young people today.

Kaila is the first actress playing Journey that has an African- American background and plans on making a name for herself by being a role model for other aspiring African-American actresses to follow in her footsteps.  She has already started accomplishing this by becoming one of the story writers for the series.  She plans on using each of the clones to focus on a particular topic and the power the clones posses to show the way to achieve the desired results.

This will for sure be the most talked about season for the Journeys ever as they tackle race issues, politics, mental health, global warming among other things.

Journey series 3 will be released on Amazon Prime in the US and the UK early to mid 2020.