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Meet the women of

Treasured Moments

Here are the Treasured Moments short film/series line-ups

Sara Glaviano is the host of Treasured Moments previews and specials.  She will also be starring in 'Picture Perfect!'.  Straight out of college, things seem to be going good after teaming up with the hottest real estate bachelor until the day a new real estate photographer shows up and steals her heart.

The Journey series continues with Kaila Jordan as Journey, 'The First One'.  In this season with no memory of her childhood, Journey sets out to discover her hidden past and the truth about her race.

Brialynn Massie stars in 'Spring Soul Mate'.  After being on the dating scene for years with no luck - all hope is given up as she takes her spring break only to find someone too good to be true.  

Nicole Samra will star in 'Romance By Design'.  A web designer who falls in love with her client, a mysterious unseen business CEO.

Kelsey Joyce is one of the stars in Treasured Moments 'Teacher In Love!' now going into production.  Kelsey is also the leading actress in the new Journey romantic sci-fi series that is scheduled to film next year.  



Amber Crews as Jasmine

Joey Heyworth

Diane Linder as Mother Divina


Teacher In Love!

For those viewers who either don't have Amazon Prime, or who live outside of the US and UK, you can still see all the Treasured Moments programming world wide with Vimeo On Demand.  Coming soon.

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Soon you will be able to subscribe to Treasure Moments with Vimeo On Demand.

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More upcoming shows

Cineplex Studios has been receiving numerous request for more episodes of our sci-fi series Journey.  So we have decided to continue the series for all our fans who have been emailing us.  

The new actress who will be playing Journey is Kaila Jordan.  The new season is now in development with some new characters and some returning actors.  

This is an exciting time for the Journeys as we will be seeing them in all new adventures.  Stay tuned for more information in the days and weeks ahead.

The new Journey season will be released on Amazon Prime in the U.S. & U.K. early to mid 2020.  

Now in development


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